How Do You Upkeep For Activewear?

How Do You Upkeep For Activewear?

How do you upkeep for activewear?

If you've wondered why sports wear is so fast, I comes to your aid with some tips & tricks to get the longest lifewear for activewear. These are easy to follow and, most importantly, will save you much from the budget for long-term sports clothes!

When it comes to washing sports articles, they are just as delicate as any other type of clothing: they require proper care to keep the performance of their technical materials, such as UV protection, moisture cooling ( quick-dry) and their elasticity.

Care for Activewear products is very similar to skin care in terms of breathability, eliminating the build up and care of the surfaces of the materials. If you dedicate a little more time to clean your outfits, you will achieve long-term benefits, and your workout clothes will work for you, not against you.

1. Always wash your sports clothing in cold water
A delicate cycle along with a mild detergent and cold water is the setting you want in the washing machine. In some cars, it is even called a delicate cycle. In this setting, the car rotates and revolves at a much lower speed to reduce abrasions and creases on your precious gymnastics. Cold water is mandatory because heat can cause spandex to contract in the fabric - it leads to loss of elasticity and shape.

2. Wash them on the back!
Remember, the inside becomes the dirtiest, because it's the part that absorbs all the dirt, the oils and the sweating on our skin. Tear them out, your sports clothes will be able to keep the technical features and colors in the outer layer of the material.

3. Use special bags for washing machine
Wash the Activewear in the wash bag to reduce the risk of twisting and tangling of your trousers and bustier. This will prevent the grip of any abrasive such as zippers or abrasive belts with mini hooks (ladder or hedgehog)

4. Avoid the laundry conditioner!
The laundry conditioner is the greatest enemy of performance fabrics. They leave a residue on the fabrics and can attract bacteria that catch unpleasant smells and reduce the material's ability to breathe and dry it quickly.
Also, avoid using the bleach agent at any cost on the Activewear equipment. It reduces the elasticity of fabric by oxidizing spandex fibers, just as our hair becomes fragile and inelastic after bleaching.

5. Dry the products in the sunlight and forget to iron them
Forget the washer of the washing machine when it comes to Activewear equipment. Drying in natural light and drying the air is the best method to use in this case.
Calving equipment is also useless because our fabrics are resistant to all the wrinkles that can occur after washing. As soon as you put them on you, the material will be molded on the body, and the semi-creases will disappear. As mentioned above, the warmth and shaking of the washing machine's dryer can cause major damage to Activewear, such as reducing the size, performance, and changing its shape.