What Appropriate Clothes Should You Wear When You Exercise?

What Appropriate Clothes Should You Wear When You Exercise?
If you find yourself struggling with what to wear to the gym, let me assist you by filling you in on what I won't wear to the gym. It's important to take the time to think carefully about your athleisure wardrobe in order to ensure the most positive workout experience time and time again.

Won't Wear: Barely There Sports Bras
Will Wear: Longline Sports Bras

No one likes to fiddle with sports bras during workouts. Although you are trying to break the law of gravity somehow, just to pull up your bra throughout the training session. As a result, exercise, due to unnecessary distractions, is not at its best.
Instead, wear high-neck sports bras, especially sports bras, which have more coverage at the bottom, kind of like a cropped top. These keep everything in place, support where you need support, and make your body feel more polite than any slim bra.

Won't Wear: Low-Rise Leggings
Will Wear: Mid to High-Rise Leggings

A lot of women have been wearing low-rise leggings in the gym or in workout class all the time with no qualms in the world,  so if that's you, more power to you. However, your low-rise leggings fall down are the very last thing you need when you're doing exercises that involve weird positions (yoga), jumps (aerobics), and any top pees (burpees, squat jumps, etc.).

Instead, high-waisted tights are great. If you're petite, even mid-waist legs can make a difference in the world. The way the waistline hits at the smallest part of your body makes your feel great during a workout, and the fact that you don't have to think about anything falling down helps you stay focused at all times during the workout. 

Won't Wear: Fussy Tops
Will Wear: Tops Designed for Workouts 

There are so many stylish athleisure brands these days that aim to satisfy the fashion-forward customer. While we all love to feel great in our workout attire, sometimes, this specific realm of the market takes things too far, resulting in more fuss than function, especially when it comes to tops. What classifies a fussy top? Anything that you are constantly re-tieing, adjusting, or pulling down.
Visigo activewear is a good choice. No matter which style you choose, you'll be feeling and looking great for workouts to come. 

Won't Wear: Cotton Leggings
Will Wear: Performance Fabrics

This might sound like a no-brainer. After being embarrassed by weird sweat stains one too many times, you'll end up throwing away all your cotton tights. Leggings that are made with performance technologies are the way to go, always. These top-notch fabrics, ensure your body is never overheated, that your sweat won't bleed through, and that your movements will never be compromised.