When to Replace Your Workout Gear

When to Replace Your Workout Gear
When to Replace Your Workout Gear

From the sweatbands that keep pesky sweat droplets out of our eyes to the running shoes that take a beating on our long jogs around the park, the life of fitness apparel is no easy job. But how do you know when it's time to swap out your beloved sports bras or favorite pair of leggings for something new?

Sports Bras
Replace them after: 8 months to a year and a half
Women get lax with sports bras because they think that wearing them for 1-2 hours a day (3-4 times a week) means that they last longer – which isn't true. New bras will give you the best comfort and support during your runs and workouts. Straps will be stronger, elastic will rebound better, the fabric will breathe easier. But as they age, your sports bras wear out just like your running shoes. The bra stretches and contracts as it absorbs the impact, and over time the fibers, elastic and other components weaken. When that happens, they quit supporting you the way they're supposed to, and it can quickly turn a good run into a bad run.
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Sports Leggings
Replace them after: 6-8 months
The lifespan of your apparel depends on each garment's type of material and the manufacturer's specific instructions. Compression items tend to lose their elasticity faster, since they are constantly stretched when worn. Even if they are cared for meticulously, the elastic fibers of a compression pant will inevitably break down with wear after six months if worn frequently. 
When to replace: When they become an inconvenience or lose their performance-enhancing qualities, such as the ability to wick moisture. You can begin to notice this when the fabric becomes itchy or pilly. And if you have to constantly pull up your waistband or readjust the hem of your shorts or leggings, they're probably stretched out and ready to be replaced.
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Replace after: 2-3 months
The biggest problem with the shelf life of sweat bands is the constant washing. Keeping them clean can take a toll on the elastic.

Yoga Mats
Replace after: 6 months to a year
Why? The wear and tear on your yoga mat is dependent on a lot of factors. Generally, tearing, odors and permanently curled edges are all things that can interfere with your practice and signs that it's time for a replacement.