Why Is Boxing a New Choice For Fashionable Women?

Why Is Boxing a New Choice For Fashionable Women?
Why is boxing a new choice for fashionable women?

Boxing as a form of exercise has become a fitness phenomenon, gyms across the country are carrying out high-intensity training, so that we feel capable, motivated and super healthy. With enough exercise, boxing helps build muscles, increase cardiovascular health, and will surprise you how much fun boxing is!

Stephen boxing
If you have a stressful day or feel a little nervous about something, go to the boxing ring and get it out. And boxing is one of those exercises that you feel is kind of funny at first, it doesn't take long to see and feel that your coordination and your technique has improved. You'll feel great! It's exciting!

Today we share four boxing combinations for beginners to gradually adapt and become stronger.

Start with your feet, hip width apart, legs forward. To punch, use one hand from the guard position and rotate your fist horizontally. When the punch is fully extended, raise your front shoulder to protect your chin, and keep your hands close to your face to protect your lower jaw. Then go through, starting with your strongest hand (back hand) and straight through your body.

Boxing with dumbbell shadow
Start with your feet, hip width apart, legs forward. Maintain chest height with elbows bent and palms facing each other. Extend your left arm over your body until it weighs the same as your right shoulder - your thumb should be down and your arm should be parallel to the ground. When you return to the starting point, repeat with your right arm.

Stab the cross
Use this combination to go far. Start at your opposite foot. Repeat prick cross movement. Then slide, shifting weight from one leg to the other, while subtly moving the upper body to avoid a punch. Complete the combination with another cross.

Stab, cross, left hook, right hook
This combination introduces hook and hook, requiring more coordination. Start with the fighter stance and throw a jab. To add a hook, transfer your weight to your front foot, rotate and use hip and torso forces to swing your fist horizontally toward your opponent. Then throw a hook, starting at your left elbow and facing your ribs, your knuckles up, and then up, as if you hit someone under the chin. Keep your core tight, pull back while bending your knees, and sit on your heels.